Bringing Wellbeing To Work Through Mindfulness
6-week course, available in the London area

 6-week course in "bringing wellbeing to work through Mindfulness"

6-week course in "bringing wellbeing to work through Mindfulness"

This course provides a broad introduction to wellbeing and mindfulness for employees, rooted in the activities of daily work-life.

  • Delivered by experienced trainers at your workplace in the London area.
  • Designed specifically for busy employees.
  • Each session is 60 mins long, and focusses primarily on practising evidence-based techniques for transforming the workplace experience.
  • Each session includes home practice exercises, handouts, and our unique wellbeing diary.
  • Includes measurable outcomes.

The course takes as its starting point the deep desire within us all for happiness and wellbeing, and looks at how we can nurture the inner conditions to achieve this, particularly in the workplace.

Based primarily on experiential practice, it will familiarise each individual with the role that the mind plays in their perception of the workplace experience. At the same time it will enhance the skills they need for true resilience and effectiveness.

Following a very pragmatic approach, each of the sessions build methodically, supported by handouts, a wellbeing diary, and a body of recorded practices to use outside the classes. New critical themes are introduced each week.

Click the following headings to read about some of the themes covered in our "Bringing Wellbeing to Work Through Mindfulness" course.

+ Experiencing the workplace

How each individual thinks about or perceives their life is key to their wellbeing in the workplace. But what is wellbeing? Often we think of the physical aspects, but there are others too: our emotional state, our relationships, the way our organisation is structured. Mindfulness practice will help your employees become more aware of the present moment, including thoughts, emotions, and experiences, without judgement or manipulation. This can dramatically transform their expereience of the workplace

+ Coping with change

Our wellbeing depends a great deal on how we perceive and deal with change. Studies suggest employees spend a great deal of their waking life on autopilot. In this state they are poor at adapting to change, and life becomes very dreary. Mindfulness helps to switch off their autopilot and reconnect with the vibrant flows of life. Employees can also get stuck in, or out of tune with, the roles they play at work. Mindfulness again helps them see where they're stuck and helps them let go so that they can more easily change and adapt to differing circumstances.

+ Handling stress

Stress affects one in five of the UK working population – over 105 million days are lost to stress each year costing UK employers £1.24 billion. The practice of mindfulness will help your employees develop their internal resources for coping with stress by teaching them how to perceive clearly what is happening. In this way they can avoid the spirals that send them down into burnout and depression. Mindfulness helps employees develop their body-mind awareness, which is one of the best ways of dealing with stress and flourishing in times of challenge.

+ Dealing with difficult colleagues

Many employees encounter difficult colleagues. Sometimes they're just distant acquaintances, sometimes they have to work with them directly. On our course, your employees will learn how to notice, allow and respond to discomfort, tensions and stress in themselves so that they can respond more deliberately when they're feeling challenged. In time, their troublesome colleagues can become their best teachers, showing them where they can grow and become better team members or leaders.

+ Building listening skills

How much of the time in the workplace do people hear but not listen? When we fail to be fully present in an encounter, we lose that precious opportunity to understand and be understood. Mindfulness teaches your employees how to listen more effectively to themselves and others. This same awareness also provides them with the ability to determine personal boundaries and assert themselves more confidently.

+ Developing leadership skills

Mindfulness practice will help your employees develop their innate capabilities to be focussed, to see with clarity and good judgement, to listen, to embrace uncertainty and cultivate creativity, and embody compassion. Good leadership is impossible without these qualities. It starts with the leaders within your organisation understanding themselves and practising self-awareness. Directly from this comes the understanding and awareness of others that is critical for good leadership.

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